nthspace Torino is situated within an 18th-century villa on the hillside bank of Turin’s picturesque Po River. It offers artists the opportunity to enrich their practice in one of Europe’s most underrated cultural destinations.

The residency programme follows a tradition of Turinese patronage dating back to 1559, when Duke Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy first set about turning the city into a leading cultural capital by inviting renowned artists and architects to work from his court. When the city was later reshaped by war and industrialisation, inevitably, so was its artistic output. Throughout the 20th century, the Savoyard castles and palaces found new life as museums and galleries, coinciding with the emergence of influential collectives and movements, such as the Gruppo dei Sei (Group of Six) and Arte Povera (poor art). All this would help to establish the city as one of Europe’s great centres of contemporary art, along with the support of some of Italy’s most ambitious institutions.

In 2021, nthspace established its Turin residency, nthspace Torino, on the grounds of a former vineyard in Borgo Pilonetto. The magnificent Baroque villa is thought to have been built circa 1780, commissioned by the family of a successful goldsmith. However, it is unclear to what extent it may have been a remodelling of a previous building—the residence of a Bretonese Marquis.

Invited artists will reside in a two-room living/workspace within the villa, comprising a double bedroom and an ample studio with kitchen. The villa is largely peaceful, insulated from the nearby urban centre by roughly four acres of land. Head uphill to enjoy breathtaking views stretching across the city all the way to the Alps. Or cross the bridge into town to discover the wealth of art, history, nightlife, and incredible cuisine that lies just beyond the villa gates. Turin was built to inspire.