nthspace is open to applications from practising artists, writers, curators and academics of all kinds.

Residencies are available year-round for periods between two and three months (although nthspace Adelaide residencies can be longer). A small travel stipend is available for residents that need it.

Successful applicants can use their residency to advance any stage of their profession or process. Completing work at the residency is not a condition for participation. 

Please note that your preferred residency may be unavailable or unsuited to your particular practice. You may be offered an alternative.

What to include in your application:

  • A résumé of previous works, projects, exhibitions, publications, other residencies, et cetera.
  • A 200-word project proposal outlining how you plan to use the residency.
  • Your preferred location and dates.
  • Tell us if you need a travel stipend to participate. (Please respect the honesty system.)

Please send your application as a PDF to