Front Courtyard




nthspace Adelaide is a multipurpose arts venue in the heart of the city’s hip West End.  It aspires to provide a welcoming and productive environment for visual and performing artists from South Australia and beyond. 

Adelaide has blossomed into one of Australia’s most livable (and affordable) cities.  With back-to-back festivals and the beach, hills, and vineyards all just 20 minutes away, there’s always something to enjoy.  In the West End itself, nthspace residents can revel in the art, music, and performances enlivening the district’s laneways, while museums, galleries, and craft studios offer plenty to focus the mind. 

Established in 2018, nthspace Adelaide is located in North Street’s former BMG Gallery.  Designed by Tridente Boyce, the discreet exterior of this award-winning red-brick building belies its impressive size and utility. 

Comprising 500 square metres over two floors, the complete separation of the apartment upstairs and the gallery downstairs allows the building’s public and private functions to coexist without overlap.  In the apartment, this emphasis on privacy extends to only two small windows visible from the street, although the interior enjoys abundant sunlight via views over the front and back courtyards. The gallery can also be completely opened to the outside—perfect for summer exhibitions and performances—with the whole building designed to maximise the flow of natural ventilation.  Both spaces can be as isolated as you like when it’s time to work.  And, when it’s time to play, as open as you like to inspiration and distraction.