Niki Sperou, Crisis Mask,
biodegradable seaweed biopolymer, 2020

Niki Sperou, Apparently it's a Thing,
textile, aluminium, 2022

Niki Sperou, Preserves: fix, stain, embed, section,
mixed media, 2012

Niki Sperou, Colonised Body (installation detail),
textile, glass vessels, sprouted seeds, 2016

Niki Sperou, Man a Plant (installation detail),
plant tissue culture, nutrient media, anatomical drawing, glass petri dish on lightbox, produced via aseptic technique, 2017

An early advocate of BioArt, Niki Sperou has spent more than two decades on her hybrid art–science practice.  Through the organic and chimerical forms she creates using the tools and methodologies of wet biology, she explores parallels between contemporary biotechnology and the cultural paradigms of her ancient Greek ancestors.

Since completing her First Class Honours degree in Sculpture at the University of South Australia in 2005, Niki has been the artist in residence for both the Department of Medical Biotechnology (since 2006) and the Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development (since 2009) at Flinders University, Adelaide.

She has exhibited, led BioArt workshops, and published academic papers in Australia, the UK, Canada, and Europe.  She was part of the CMBD team who won the 2022 South Australian Science Excellence & Innovation Award for Industry Collaboration and, the following year, participated in A Partnership for Uncertain Times, a Ruby Awards-nominated project highlighting the work of science-led artists in South Australia.