Over 50 works of contemporary Aboriginal art originating from some of Australia’s most innovative community art centres. Works depicting community life and law are presented side by side to celebrate the artistic vibrancy and energy emanating from across the country. The artists represent diverse peoples and cultures, including Tiwi Islanders from the Northern Territory, Walmajarri artists from the Kimberley region, and Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara artists from South Australia and the Spinifex Lands of Western Australia.

Artists include: Byron Brooks, Sophia Brown, Doreen Chapman, Kanta Donnegan, Gloria, Tuppy Ngintja Goodwin, Fred Grant, Ned Grant, Naomi Hobson, Timo Hogan, Daisy Japulija, Greg Johns, Sonia Kururra, Ivy Laidlaw, Judy Martin, Ngarralja Tommy May, Eva Nargoodah, Dora Parker, Lawrence Pennington, Myrtle Pennington, Patju Presley, Alison Puruntatameri, Ian Rictor, Ngalpingka Simms, Tracey Simms, Delores Tipuamantumirri, Cornelia Tipuamantumirri, Roy Underwood, Lennard Walker