Superlative (detail)
Madagascan silk and antique lace

Crocheted paper thread, handmade sisal, hemp and cotton rag paper, walnut dye

Seven Days of Beauty
Paper thread, hand-made paper pulp

Working primarily with natural fibres, Mandy Coppes-Martin creates ethereal drawings, sculptures and installations that depict an action once taken or a life once lived.  She retraces the past and, in turn, creates a new skeleton of memories.  Weaving materials such as hemp, sisal, cotton, silk, silver foils, tree resins, and even fish bones and industrial knitting needles, her works can be seen as thin pieces of reconstituted time—time that has no direct relevance to today, but that can still be reimagined.

Mandy graduated with an MFA in Visual Art from the University of Johannesburg.  Prior to pursuing her art professionally, she was a creative product developer and programme manager for several outreach initiatives in Mozambique, Botswana, and her native South Africa.  Her love of paper and natural fibres led her to Japan, Holland, Germany, Belgium and the Philippines to study endemic techniques and expand the scope of her practice.  She is currently based in the UK.

She has exhibited internationally and her work can be found in several private and corporate collections, including Rand Merchant Bank, Absa Group, and Sasol.