In Residence
Anderson Borba

This autumn, nthspace Torino is delighted to welcome Anderson Borba to our residency program. Anderson is a visual artist focusing on sculpture, as seen here.

Materials are the starting point for Borba’s sculptures, which employ found & industrial-grade wood, cardboard, fabric, as well as old lifestyle and fashion magazines. Heeded by a mental image, Borba will chisel, burn, paint, press and manipulate his materials in a process-oriented construction that uses the human figure as a pattern for formal decisions, resulting in rough, chapped, yet seductive corporeal forms.

Owing as much to the art historical canon of sculpture as to the self-taught artists from inland Brazil, Borba operates in a complex arrangement of concept and empiricism, dislocating and unfolding the physical body ’til the point of an anthropomorphic abstraction.

Anderson Borba was born in Santos, Brasil in 1972, and now lives and works in London, UK. Earlier this year, he held a solo exhibition I’ve seen one of these at Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo, Brasil, and has recently exhibited at Art Basel Miami (2021) & Paris+ par Art Basel (2022). His previous exhibitions include Kupfer Gallery, Union Pacific Gallery and Lamb Gallery in London. He graduated with a Masters from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2022.

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