Neena Percy and Lizzy Drury of Hot Desque

Hot Desque, Terrestrial Act I & II,
Theatre Royal, London, 2021

Hot Desque, Holding Cosmic Dust: An Almanac,
film still, 2024

A screen in an old church hall reads "Presumed: Matriarchal, Cosmocentric, Geomantic."

Hot Desque, Holding Cosmic Dust,
Swiss Church, London, 2024

Straddling the line between art and curation, Hot Desque collaborates with other artists and makers to stage and light works within magical and theatrical environments.  Influenced heavily by feminist literature, sci-fi world-building and deep ecology, their research-led multidisciplinary practice explores the potential to re-enchant matter and animate the inanimate through perspectives that counter anthropocentric worldviews.  Recent projects suspend objects within a future–past time to examine whose stories are retold and why.

The duo consists of Lizzy Drury and Neena Percy. The two have worked together since earning their MAs at the Royal College of Art, London in 2018.  They continue to be involved in education, lecturing and leading workshops as part of numerous programmes benefiting young people, refugees, and ecological projects.

They have curated and exhibited extensively throughout the United Kingdom and India.  Most recently they have shown at the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, the Swiss Church and San Mei Gallery in London, and the Cervantes Institute in New Delhi.  They are also long-term residents at Hypha Studios, London.